Wednesday evening

Vegan soup kitchen
Reservations before    16:00
Dinner ready                18:00

Movie night               20:00

At the back door, use the doorbell.
Take your own drinks, we do not sell these.

Vegan soup kitchen
Every wednesday at 18:00 o’clock you can get a vegan hot meal. This costs 1 euro. It is necessary that you make a reservation. You can do this before 16:00 o’clock at our phone number: +31 591 65 33 23.

Vegan means that no animals are used in any way for any ingredient. We choose this because we think animals are no objects but also have the right to have a happy life. Even for the production of milk and eggs animals are locked up in terrible conditions. By using no animal products we can be sure that this does not happen for our food.

In addition we try to use products that stores could not sell and would otherwise be wasted. By doing this we can also keep the cost low.

Movie night
At 20:00 o’clock the movie night starts. If you had dinner here you can stay until the movie night starts. We usually start with short movies about current affairs or with a documentary. After that follows a full movie.

Sometimes we have a band instead of a movie. Look at our agenda if something is planned.