Opening times
Spoorloos is closed.
We do not have a new location.

A freestore works like a second hand store. The difference is that you don’t have to pay. If you have things you don’t use anymore but are still usable for others you can bring them to the store. We put them in the store and other people can take them.

Everyone is welcome in the store. You don’t need to register yourself or to prove that you don’t have enough money. We think it’s more important that things will be used again. It takes a lot of energy and material to produce something new. The only ones profiting from this are big companies. Thanks to our store products can be used a second time while you don’t have to pay a second time for it.

Every time the store opens you can take 5 items. When you leave the store this is checked. You are not allowed to enter the store again that day. You cannot take thing for others that are not present at that moment.

Food bank
In the past we also had a food bank. Because we can not get enough food from the supermarkets now we don’t have a separate food bank anymore. Any food we receive will be distributed during the freestore.

Internet café
While the freestore is open you can also use our free internet café. There we have some computers with internet and there is free coffee and tea.